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TABS Cayman

Men's Long Sleeve Cotton Polo - Bermudiana Purple

Men's Long Sleeve Cotton Polo - Bermudiana Purple

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The Bermudiana flower is Bermuda's national flower and provides a beautiful carpet of purple colour in the spring. This vibrant hue is the colour inspiration behind our NEW long sleeve polo shirt.

The trim on this polo boasts an electric print by leading local photographer Meredith Andrews.

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Why you're going to love our polos:

  1. The inside collars are designed by Bermudian artists and inspired by the island

  2. Reinforced collar and neck stand to absorb sweat and keep you cool

  3. Contrasting side vent for a pop of colour

  4. Subtle logo on arm sleeve looks classy and leaves the chest free for customisation

  5. It's perfectly fitted, not too boxy, not too tight

  6. The back hem is curved and slightly longer than the front to be more flattering

  7. The fabric is a light cotton-pique. The perfect weight to keep you cool and also hold its shape

  8. The colours are colour-matched to the island of Bermuda.

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