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OTAA Men's Skinny Tie - Aster Amellus

OTAA Men's Skinny Tie - Aster Amellus

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The Aster Amellus flower held great import in Ancient Greece. Likewise, the Aster Amellus Tie will hold together a great outfit. Many myths surround the flower, one such being that Virgo once scattered stardust over the earth, and where it fell, the Aster Amellus grew.

The Aster Amellus motif captures the flair and charm often associated with the star-shaped wild daisy. The shimmering satin background is peppered with pastel pinks and whites, brocaded by a floral design that will add a touch of class to any ensemble. Showcase your style with the Aster Amellus Tie.


  • 145 cm length of Skinny Tie
  • 6 cm widest point
  • 3.5 cm narrowest point
  • 145 cm length of Necktie
  • 8.5 cm widest point
  • 3.2 cm narrowest point


  • Dry clean
  • Hand made


  • 100% Microfiber
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