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TABS Cayman

Women's Performance Polo - Midnight Parrotfish

Women's Performance Polo - Midnight Parrotfish

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The midnight parrotfish is a stunning species found throughout the Caribbean, and particularly prevalent in the Cayman Islands. This fish gets its name from its dark blue and black overall colouring. As a herbivorous fish, the midnight parrotfish spends its day grazing on algae, coral, and other plant material, making it an important member of the delicate marine ecosystems around the Cayman Islands.

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Why you're going to love our polo:

  1. The inside collars have our custom Cayman Take Off print.

  2. 89% polyamide, 11% elastane.

  3. Innovative quick dry and sweat-wicking fabric. The multi-layered fabric structure creates a draining effect, promoting faster drying and sweat wicking.

  4. Advanced anti-bacterial finish. The fabric’s unique finish prevents odours and helps keep you comfortable.

  5. Expertly tailored slim fit.

  6. Contrasting side vent for a pop of colour.

  7. Curved tennis tail.

  8. Subtle logo on arm sleeve leaves the chest bare for customisation.

  9. The colours are colour-matched to the island of Cayman.

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